Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The coop beginnings

 Our little chicks are growing fast. On Friday we will have had them for five weeks. It's time to start the coop. I am really hoping this is not going to take longer than I expected, but we'll see. Here is the beginning of our adventure.
This is the spot we are placing our coop.

Here is the lumber for our frame.
My husband drew up plans for our coop so we knew exactly how much of things we needed. However when we were figuring out the 2x4s we missed one, so we will have to go back to the store and get one more.
This is my husband getting ready to saw.

Make sure you know how to use your saw first.

This was our first time using this saw. At the very end we were getting kick back. So this is my husband trying figure out what is wrong. (Don't worry mom, we didn't remove any guards). It turns out we just had the blade showing to much and it was missing the teeth at the very end. We fixed that and began sawing with the piece hanging off the end of the saw horse and it worked fine.
This is where it was binding. See how the piece is falling toward itself?

That was the last piece. I think I might have heard a small Tim Taylor grunt from that direction.

Our stacks of cut lumber

 Here is all of our lumber cut into pieces. We needed 14 eight foot 2x4's (we bought 13). We didn't cut the boards for the roof yet so we will just get the other board later.

My husband blowing the saw dust off everything.

Measuring to make sure we get the right board (always a good idea)

This will be the bottom frame.

Making sure to get the right angle.

You had to push really hard to get the screws in.

We decided to use screws so that it would be easy to take apart later on if we needed to. We drilled holes in the wood first and then drilled the screws in.
Even my daughter got to help some.
The only thing was that the drill battery died, so we couldn't go any further than the bottom frame. Hopefully it was just because we forgot to charge it and it just needed a good charge. We'll see.

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