Monday, January 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday: Paper piecing

 These are blocks I am working on for a paper pieced quilt. It is one of my UFO's, for the UFO challenge, but they are going to take a while so I am working on them as I go along. When their number comes up then it will be ready to be put together. So is that really a UFO or is that a WIP?
 I have more blocks done, but don't have pictures of them.
What Do you all think? For other design walls click here.
I Love this bird. I can't wait to start the red one.


  1. Wow! Incredible. Beautiful. Awesome! Wow!

    glen in louisiana

  2. I'm thrilled to see this quilt in fabric. I've saved many of the patterns.

    SilverLiningsOriginals is one of my favorite designers.

  3. The parrot is just gorgeous. I can't imagine how long it took, but it sure looks wonderful.

  4. I love your blocks, honey. I'd love the quilt too;)