Saturday, December 31, 2011

UFO Challenge 2012

Judy at Patchwork times has challenged us to get at least one project done a month. So here are my twelve.

#1 My first project for paper piecing was a quilt from Linda Hibert. I have all of the pieces now and just have to get them all done and put together.

#2 My civil war Quilt. This one was started over a year ago as a block of the month. A lot of us got stuck on month seven. The only thing left for this is Quilting binding and a label.
#3 My mom finished these house blocks and then gave then to me to put into a top. I just need a border quilting, binding and label.
#4 These Dresden blocks were started YEARS ago. When my kids were very little. It's time they get into a quilt and are done.
#5 These are small little blocks a group of my internet friends and I did. They have been waiting for some time to be put together. I think I will make them into a small wall hanging.
#6 These were from another internet group. I need to put my jars on a shelf.
#7 This one needs a border and quilting.
#8 These blocks are for the American Beauty. My mom started them and then gave them to me to finish.
#9 This was a block of the month and just needs to be quilted bound and labeled.
# 10 Same thing with this one.
#11 I will have the border on this one this afternoon and then it needs to be quilted bound and labeled. (I decided against the sequins).
#12 This is another one my mom gave me to finish. I just love these colors.
I really thought I would have to search for unfinished projects, but unfortunately it was easier than I thought. I really hope I can get all of these done this year.