Monday, April 14, 2014

What I've been working on

Okay I know I already posted a pic of Stella before, But this is what I have been working on. I would work on it a bit then get frustrated and leave it for a week, then work on it some more and get frustrated again.
Today I decided I really need to work on Stella. About a week or so ago I took the front plate of and got that all cleaned up. I tried to put the new belt on but it was still a bit long. Today I had cut it down some more and put the belt back on. The White's hand wheel rolls backwards, so I tried getting it started and every few turns it would get stuck and want to turn forwards. I could feel myself getting frustrated, but then I realized it was getting stuck where the staple was. I took my pliers and squeezed as hard as I could and then it began to turn forward a little better. I also realized I had to make sure the treadle was turning a full turn and not trying to drop back down. I think I got the hand of that. Then I realized I needed to oil the whole machine. Once I got the oil all in the places it needed to be, she ran like butter.
Now the only thing I need to learn is how to thread the machine and wind the bobbin. I have the manual, but I am a very visual learner and the manual is not very clear, so I am hoping to figure that out soon, then I can get treadling. I can't wait.