Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally finished

This is the entrance to the run.

This is the front and nest box side. Those are eggs painted on the lid.
My kids painted a yoshi egg, chicken nuggets and a drumstick on the side of the nest box.

The kids are loving the chickens.

And so does Lucy. She is very good with them. They have gotten so big and are only six weeks old.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another weekend of coop building and my design wall

We had another wonderful weekend of coop  building. It was so hot and nice. We had a small shower in the middle of the day yesterday, but after it passed over we were able to continue.
This is the start of the nest box

The front has been added

And the divider

Finally the lid.

We had to hammer the tips of the screws because they were a smidge to long

This is the inner coop door

We have doors to the run that we made. I was relieved that we had just enough of the hardware cloth.

This is our ramp up into the coop. We haven't put it on yet. That will be the very last thing.

We also made a window to close during the winter so it will keep the heat in.

My kiddo and her dog. She is writing a story.

Here are the run doors installed.

It has a roof!

This is the fixed doors. We added flat panels on the sides of the door and put on flat brackets. Can you tell I am a bit paranoid about something getting in?

The asphalt paper for the roof.

And the tiles. These went on a whole lot better and easier than we thought they would. We also got these for free. We were on a walk and saw some people working on a roof and asked what they were doing with their old tiles. The guy had two packs of these tiles that were the wrong color and her gave them to us.

Beginning the painting. The chicks should be outside in the next few days.
This is my design wall piece. I am working on a Challenge Quilt.