Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Wall Monday: Almost done

 This is my almost done Paper piecing quilt. I just have to square up the blocks and add background filler and it will be done.

        This is my waterfall I finished this week. It took me two days to finish it.

I also wanted to add how much my girls are growing. My americana has learned how to fly and keeps flying  up to the side of the brooder. This I don't mind so much, but the thought of her coming completely out of the brooder and running around the basement is not something I want. I need to get something to put over the top so she can't fly out.
Here are the rest of the girls, who have tried to fly but are not as talented as Henrietta. This picture really doesn't show how much they have grown.


  1. Just gorgeous! Love the birdies, but the blocks are spectacular.


  2. Your quilt is beautiful! Really amazing!! I'm a beginner at paper piecing and I can't even imagine doing any thing this complicated. Looking forward to the finished quilt.

  3. As I stated last week... your blocks are stunning. That waterfall and the reflection in the water just makes it look realistic in that paper pieced way.... LOve it!!

  4. OMG!! Those blocks are amazing! I so love them, what a fantastic job!

  5. the waterfall is as fantastic that I thought it would be. And the birds are little cuties.

  6. I thought you had photos up there at first! Wow! Very impressive. This will be beautiful (already is) when all put together.