Saturday, April 21, 2012

My new chickens

My new girls
 It may seem like I am jumping on the chicken bandwagon, but I have wanted chickens for years. I have always felt like a country girl misplaced. If I could live in the country I would, but having chickens gives me a bit of that country taste, even though I don't live in the country. Being military it was never possible for us to have chickens, now that my husband is nearing retirement we have found our forever home and I can have my new little girls. Everyone has told me how fun new chicks are to watch. They sure are.
Sunshine the scarredy cat

I picked all of them up yesterday. Four from one store and one from another. I had made an order for them, so that I would get just what we wanted. This is Sunshine, she is either a Rhode Island red or a Red Star. When I took her picture the flash scarred her and she ran away. The other chickens run over her a lot. She may end up being near the bottom of the pecking order. She is my daughters chicken so maybe mt daughter can get her to stop being so scarred.
Shimano (or bike part to my son)

This is Shimano. My husband loves to bike and so he got to name this one.  He was kidding around, but I kind of liked the sound of it. She is a Black Astrolorp. My son can never remember her name so he calls her Bike Part. She unfortunately likes to lay in her water. I need to figure out a way to raise the water so that she doesn't lay in it and get a chill.
Chickadee the bully

Here is Chickadee. She is a Maran. We were suppose to get a Buff Orpigington, but they didn't come in. I wanted to get them all at the same time so we decided on a Maran instead. they lay deep dark brown eggs. She is definitely going to be the boss. She is also going to be our flyer. I may have to find out about clipping wings. As soon as we put her in the brooder, she tried to jump out and tried  a bunch more times. She is my sons hen and he loves her already.
Henrietta the pooper

This is one of mine. She is an Americana and lays greenish blue eggs. She is so mellow, but she poops on anyone who picks her up. We are trying to handle them as much as possible so they won't be scarred of us.

Blue the fluffy
And finially, Blue. She is going to be my show chicken. She is a Blue Silkie. (At least I hope she's a she.) They don't sex bantams, so I have a 50/50 shot and her being a her. She is going to be the smallest so I am hoping she won't get picked on.

So those are my chicks and so beings my adventures in Animal husbandry. Wish me luck.

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