Monday, February 13, 2012

January UFO Challenge

The stack of lonely blocks.
 Judy with Patchwork times is doing a UFO challenge (UnFinished Object). She picks a number and then that month you have to do the project you had listed with that number. This month I was very good at finishing my project, just not so good about blogging it at the beginning of February. My project was a bunch of blocks from 2007 a group of online friends and I did. I was not much of a quilter back then and so I set them aside having no idea what to do with them.

I was able to quickly get the blocks set and quilted it on my home machine.

The finished product
We ended up hanging above our TV. My husband even painted the wall behind it so that it would not blend in. Of course he wanted it turned on its side, so the words I quilted into it (love, hope, faith, friendship) are all on their sides. What can you do?

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